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If you want your dreams to go big and pride you know it and you can see that a miracle to happen.

Walt Disney


Born in IRAN grown in Tehran my city , I would like to think I was influenced by a little my Mother and my Father Because my mother was dress designer and my father was architect. I graduated from the cyprus, where spent time honing in on my design skills and having a blast in paradise. That experience has influenced me to continually improv my eye for design and my technical capabilities. For example, visit my site regularly to see what new projects I’m working or interesting design experiments I’m making on my site.I designer with more than 15 years of experience. I am comfortable working with deadlines/project constraints and ready to help individuals and businesses solve their design problems.

I am a firm believer that I can only measure my success from the success of my clients. To truly provide these clients with this success is by giving them what they want, use my experience to make it better, and supply quality work throughout the entire design process. This technique makes it fun for me and leaves the client going home happy.
During the little non-design free time I allow myself, I always followed my dreams and I finally got to them, trying to serve people altruistically, reading literature , dreaming about super heroes, and hiking..
 I avidly keep myself updated by reading about them online such as magazine and special web sites for Art and Culture. I have great expectations from studying abroad. I think that a larger view on the world could give the chance to be more productive on study, on work and, generally, in my whole life. Living abroad could give the chance to better understand international affairs and prepare better for my future career.

Yours sincerely

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